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Why not keep on learning piano from wherever you are? It’s easy, convenient & ‘live’

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To set up for ‘live’ lessons you will need:

  • To download Zoom application click here
  • Laptop, iPad or a phone with fully charged battery, pencil
  • I will provide with further instructions on the set up
  • Zoom ID will be sent to you via email
  • All material will be provided for you in a PDF download

Online ‘live’ lessons Fees

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Private training with experienced Master of Music teacher
  • Systematic approach to your learning
  • Focus on techniques and easy shortcuts
  • Friendly and fun atmosphere
  • Range of learning material
  • Great results

Fees for all levels

  • 30 min lesson $60
  • 45 min lesson $80
  • 60 min lesson $100

Contact us now to book your online session

Here’s what our students are saying about their online experience

Yuhan L. AMEB Grade 7 (A+)

Yanna has taken quick action, as soon as pandemic crisis in Melbourne began, by switching immediately from on-site piano lessons to Zoom-piano-lessons. Ahead of our first lesson, she provided me with a throughout preparation guide to the zoom app, as well as small details, like preparing pen and paper. The online lessons went very well, it was almost the same as on-site lessons: Yanna was able to show me her hands on her piano and could also see my hands and correct me when playing something wrong. The whole one-hour online lesson was very effective and productive. Yanna would also suggest various ways at the end of the lesson, such as the position of the camera, to improve the quality of our next online lessons. Overall, my online piano lessons with Yanna has been going smoothly until now, with almost no technical issues (except for the bad internet connection once) and we have been able to effectively work on my pieces.

Claire L. two daughters learning piano AMEB Preliminary grade

Thanks so much Yanna, the girls are having fun learning piano on Zoom. They did a virtual disco with school friends on Zoom another day, so I think they are enjoying technology assisted learning/fun. The kids really enjoy continue learning piano and it also gives them a sense of routine too.

Annabell has recently submitted her AMEB exam online and received A+

Wendy B.

I am really enjoying my piano lessons on ZOOM. Even after the COVID-19 crisis, I think I will still opt for ZOOM lessons.

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