Want to learn piano in Melbourne?

There are two prominent studios with a beautiful pianos available for you in two convenient locations in Melbourne.

Locations and hours

From 28th January 2017 lessons will be held at Steinway Gallery Melbourne.

After office hours lesson also available on Monday and Friday 4:30pm-9:30pm @Clarendon Studio 337 Clarendon St. (corner of Park & Clarendon Streets) South Melbourne.

Are you a beginner?

Have you always wanted to learn to play beautiful classical tunes but didn’t know where to start?

I will teach you step-by-step how to play beautiful piano tunes.

If you’re a beginner and wish to start your journey, I will guide you every step of the way. I will share with you the shortcuts I’ve learned over years to help you learn to play piano fast. In only a few weeks, you will see how these shortcuts take your piano playing from basics to the next level.

In particular, you will learn how to:

  • Read music sheet
  • Use the right fingering and positions
  • Apply the right timing
  • Develop musicality and understand phrasing
  • Establish the right posture to prevent damage
  • Practice technique at home with or without keyboard
  • Train your musical brain
  • Connect visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning
  • Believe in your abilities to play piano

The key of my teaching is to make you totally believe in your abilities to learn and play piano, you will grasp your skills fast and I promise to show you all shortcuts that I processed over the years.

My piano journey began at the age of 5 and continued academically to the Masters level at Russian Academy of Music in Moscow and then Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne. I’ve been fortunate to learn from outstanding teachers myself and have shared my knowledge and passion for teaching piano with my students of varying skill levels for over 15 years.

If after first 3 lessons you feel that you’re not completely satisfied and enjoyed the experience, I will refund all your money.

So, do you want to make your piano playing dream come true? Then, make the first step and book your first trial lesson.

Are you intermediate or advanced level?

Great! I’ll be delighted to take you to the next level.

I will share with you the shortcuts I processed over years. In only a few weeks, you will see how these shortcuts take your piano playing to the next level.

In particular, you will learn how to:

  • Be more fluent and effective in reading music
  • Take advantage of the fingering applications and positions
  • Memorise music pages effortlessly and train your musical brain
  • Enhance your musicality
  • Improve your grasp of the phrasing and music forms
  • Establish the right posture to prevent damage
  • Practice skills and techniques at home
  • Develop your confidence and freedom in playing piano


Talpic M1909_041Yanna Talpis has over 15 years experience in teaching piano. She learned her extensive music skills from the Masters at the Russian Academy of Music, Moscow and first-hand from the renowned Professor John Hopkins OBE at the Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne.

Her teaching method is highly effective and efficient, so that students learn piano skills fast. Under Yanna’s guidance students develop sight-reading skills, musicality, understanding of music structure and form, and master their piano techniques in a short learning period so that they are ready to take their ambitions to the next level.

Yanna teaches students who are serious about learning piano and wish to prepare for their exams, AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity College London etc, at any grades and levels, with a high success rate.

She also teaches students who just want to enjoy playing piano with no pressure. All learning material is provided, customised to students needs and suited to their unique personality.

Yanna has been teaching students nationally and internationally at various Schools in Wellington, New Zealand and Melbourne, Colleges (St Oran’s and Moriah in Wellington, New Zealand, and Mt Scopus College, Melbourne), Universities (Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand, and The University of Melbourne) and privately.

Please visit her website Yanna Talpis for more information on your teacher.


Beginner Level

  • 30 min lesson $60
  • 45 min lesson $80
  • 1 hour lesson $100

Intermediate Level

  • 45 min lesson $90
  • 1 hour lesson $110

Advanced Level

  • 1 hour lesson $120
  • 1,5 hours lesson $150

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